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Interview Tips


The question of attire is common.  Within the IT world, it’s even more complex.  Our clients run the entire range of office wear.  From shorts, t-shirts and sandals all the way up to suits and ties.  Every environment is different.  What’s right for one environment is certainly not right for another.  The question as a candidate is; what do I wear?

The answer is there for you when you work with Elite TechSources.  We know our clients and are familiar with their environments. We also understand our clients’ expectations regarding our candidates.  The general rule of thumb is to dress one “step” up from the hiring manager.  As an example; hiring manager will wear t-shirts, shorts and sandals.  It would be uncomfortable to interview in a full suit for most people.  For both the candidate and the hiring manager.  In that situation, we would ask the candidate to wear something similar to khaki pants and a button down shirt.  Even in that environment, denim/jeans would not be ideal.  It’s possible that in some situations, denim/jeans could work, but should include a button down shirt.  A sports jacket could be appropriate as well.  Always avoid the Stand-up comedian look.  A t-shirt under a sports jacket is only appropriate in limited situations.

Should the environment be more business casual, for example the hiring manager will be wearing khaki’s and a button down shirt, we would suggest the same, with the addition of a tie.  If a sports jacket is comfortable, the tie could be optional.

In some instances where our client is a formal financial institution and the office includes suit and tie, we will suggest a full suit and tie.

Regardless of the situation, we pride ourselves on understanding the culture of our clients and making sure that our candidates are appropriately comfortable with that environment before our clients’ are even presented with a candidate’s resume.

Eye Contact

The fact that eye contact is mentioned can bring anxiety to some.  The last thing we want is to create concern about proper eye-contact.  It’s a balance between comfort and a locked stare.  Being nervous is often the primary cause of lost eye-contact or too much staring.  Shifty eyes, breaking eye contact too often can be perceived negatively.  As can staring.  Relax and be yourself.

Basic Conversation

Many candidates perceive the interview process as a one-way road.  Their thinking is that the hiring manager will ask the questions and they will answer them. And if the hiring manager likes the answers, the candidate will be hired.

While there are roles out there where this process could be appropriate, in the IT world, critical thinking and the ability to ask good questions are critical.


At Elite TechSources, we ensure that all of our candidates are interviewing our clients just as the client is interviewing them.  It creates a dynamic and quality conversation.  Of course hiring managers appreciate a deeper conversation and the candidate have a much better insight into what’s expected of them and what it’s going to be like, working within that particular organization.  This is a win for our hiring managers and a win for our candidates.